OC Weekly
Summer Fest 2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Newport Dunes
1131 Back Bay Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660


Band submissions: 1/19–2/19 at midnight
OC Weekly review: 2/20–3/1
Finalists announced: 3/2
Public Voting: 3/2 @ 10am – 3/3 @ 12pm – 3/30 midnight
Winner Announced: 4/6
Summer Fest tickets on sale: 4/6–6/16

The 10 finalists of the Pick the Band submissions have been chosen by OC Weekly! Now it's your turn to help choose which band wins the chance to perform as the opening act at OC Weekly's Summer Fest 2017 happening on June 17th at Newport Dunes!

Review the below finalists (in alphabetical order) and vote here!.

Finalist #1: Dr. V & The Chantwells

Bio: A toe tapping, booty shaking amalgamation of rock n roll, blues and soul music delivered straight to your ear drum in its purest form, Dr. V's soulful voice will heal your wounds and soften your hips. Music fans will recognize Dr. V’s backing vocals on Red Hot Chili Pepper’s breakthrough album “Mother’s Milk” and hit single "Knock Me Down". The Chantwell's jumping beats will treat any diagnosis. Dr. V and The Chantwells is your prescription for all your good time needs!!! Dr. V and The Chantwells' recent performance at the Women's March in Santa Ana got the crowd moving and grooving with their inspiring jams.

Finalist #2: Funk Shui Planet

Bio: FSP revolves around the spirit of deep-rooted friendship. The core of FSP was forged by days of flow — skating, snowboarding, surfing, and joking 'til their bellies were full. Out of their youth they crafted their passions in this state. They would branch out to Northern California, the Middled East, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Jeronimo! They reunited in Australia to water their roots again. Returning to California in 2015 the gravity of FSP is attracting more intrigue than ever before.

Finalist #3: Joyous Wolf

Bio: Formed in 2014, the quartet — Nick Reese on lead vocals, bassist Greg Braccio, guitarist Blake Allard and drummer Robert Sodaro — has quickly garnered notice in the L.A. area, armed with a ferocious modern rock sound redolent of bands like The Black Crowes with a splash of mighty ‘60s soul added to the mix. Driven and determined to make it while holding true to their artistic ideals, lead singer Nick Reese explains, "We are bringing something that is completely our own identity to rock music. We want to push the boundaries of our creativity and musicianship in every direction, to make music that is true to us. We want to be heard and will do whatever it takes to accomplish that." To that end, Joyous Wolf has become a favorite on KLOS-FM, receiving significant local airplay, a coup for a new band without a major label deal.

Finalist #4: LIFELINE

Bio: Adam Gauthier of Absent Minded Records/Interscope describes the band, LIFELINE, with these words, "…I am interested in the foundations that constitute any band worth its salt song caliber, musicianship, and the quality of their live performances. LIFELINE has five gifted artists that fit the bill. These musicians have created a sound that is original with English and Spanish vocals. Rock with a hard-core Rap sound, Dub style, Funk and Punk Rock; all which reflects their West Coast roots that have never changed since the beginning. LIFELINE possesses a unique dynamic of talent and creativity. They have a musical kinship, so to speak, which is clearly the result of years of growing up in Southern California and the relentless pursuit of creating the soundtrack for the lifestyle that exists there. Pato Brian(Bass), Beto Robert (Vocals), King Scott (Guitar), Ronnie King (Keyboads), Arum(Guitar) and Anthony Adam (Drums) are perfect musical counterparts complementing each other in the realm of electric and acoustic rock, reggae, dub, blues, hip-hop, punk, funk and metal. LIFELINE came together from years of touring and has now graduated from the school of hard knocks. LIFELINE has two full length Album "WELCOME TO THE FAMILY" and "FAMILY REUNION" which you can buy on iTUNES, Music stores & various websites throughout the world."

Finalist #5: Minor Strut

Bio: Minor Strut's mission is to inspire the young and young at heart to keep music alive! While only 11 to 16 years of age, Minor Strut has played professionally since March 2014. They cover Rock, Alternative Rock and Rockabilly music from the 50's to the present. They also released their first EP entitled "Connected" in 2016. Minor Strut is proudly endorsed by Gretsch Guitars, Ernie Ball and Amedia Cymbals USA. Their musical talent and charisma have afforded them opportunities to perform in front of thousands of people at legendary venues, charity events, festivals and car shows all over California, Arizona and Hawaii.

Finalist #6: Painting Chaos
"A Way Out" Music Video
Painting Chaos "Live" Promotional Video

Bio: Painting Chaos is all original female fronted hard rock band from Ripon, California. Focusing on live performance value and crowd interaction. This band has been involved with muscians such as: Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, Suicidal Tendacies, Trapt, P.O.D., Saving Abel and more! The year of 2016, Painting Chaos was nominated and won a MAMA for "Best Rock" category in the Modesto Area Music Awards. As well as interviewed & featured in the "Flick of the Finger" Magazine. With an alive, all original, hard rock style Painting Chaos is ready to bring to life your venue!

Finalist #7: Roosterhead

Bio: Roosterhead's Short Circuits is the band's exploration into writing captivating sub-minute-length songs, with a lyrical emphasis on relevant social and political commentary. The 14 songs in 12 minutes are a barrage of concise, compact statements that avoid taking even an extra second to get their points across. Luke Johnson and Shawn Her Many Horses make up Roosterhead and both recognize the brief, beautiful works of artists like Guided By Voices and Daniel Johnston as influences. The more limits the band put on themselves, Johnson says, the more creativity that comes out. That includes the band's predilection for using obscure and random instruments to record with, including pocket synthesizers.

Finalist #8: Takers Leavers

Bio: Some kats, who met in a wormhole while traveling through space-time, decided it would be nice to take a break from the complexity of life and live in the simplicity of music. Made up of David Baqi, John Gee, Karem Idrees and Robby Friend, Takers Leavers are a post-hardcore band that have a sound that can best be compared to artists such as Thrice, Circa Survive and Saosin. Check out their debut EP "Filthy Animals" out now on iTunes, Spotify and more.

Finalist #9: Undecided Future

Bio: Undecided Future is a Pop (funk/r&b) band consisting of musicians and songwriters who were students at Orange County School of the Arts and started to play together in their freshman year. Undecided Future has played numerous venues which include the 2016 NAMM Show, Honda Center, House of Blues, Disneyland, OC Fair, LA County Fair, Long Beach Aquarium, Costa Mesa Concert in the Park Series, Angel Stadium to name a few. In 2013 and 2014, UF opened up for the legendary band, The English Beat at the Coach House. In Sept. 2015, UF played at OC Weekly's Summer Fest and the first annual KAABOO festival at Del Mar Fairgrounds followed by a 2nd Place win at the LA County Fair, Battle of the Bands. In Jan. 2015 Undecided Future won the Battle of the Bands at the Honda Center sponsored by Anaheim Ducks Hockey League. In 2014, they were not only nominated for "Best Youth Artist" but also nominated and won the "People's Choice" Award at the OC Music Awards.

Finalist #10: YachtybyNature

Bio: A message from Yachty by Nature… We are a 5-piece band playing all your favorite yacht rock tunes. From Hall and Oates to Toto, Steely Dan, Ambrosia and Christopher Cross, we lay down a smooth groove to kick back and relive the glory days of sunny California in the late 1970's. Ocean breezes, palm trees swaying, the champagne is chilling and the yacht party awaits you. Yachty by Nature is here for your listening pleasure and we are setting a course for adventure!